RTU fuel storage

The principle of operation of the fuel storafe is as follows: at the bottom of the fuel storage is a drive with elastic links, the receiving chute of the auger and the auger of fuel transportation. The spring blades, driven by the gear, select the bulk fuel and move it to the chute of the fuel supply auger. When the fuel storage is completely filled, the spring vanes are folded and move the fuel, starting from the center, then smoothly moving to the maximum radius of capture in the unfolded form. The more blades decompose, the less load on them. Thus, the bending moment acting on the spring blades is regulated, protecting them from overloads.
The system allows to move and transport fuel with a maximum fraction of 25 mm at a total humidity of not more than 55%.

RTU18 – 15 cubic meters.

RTU20 – 20 cubic meters.