Steam boilers with retort burner

Парові котли Алекот

Alekot steam boilers are designed to produce steam, which is used in various technological processes. The range of modulation of installation is from 30% to 100% which allows to use it more rationally. The boiler can work on sawdust, shavings, chips, bark, husks, straw. The furnace is lined with fireclay bricks and, as a result, the service life of the installation increases. Cast iron grate is made with the addition of chromium, which allows you to use them at high temperatures. The multicyclone used in our installation catches harmful particles of the gases which are in a suspended condition. This allows to achieve minimal emissions into the atmosphere that meet European environmental standards. The fuel storage is designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of the boiler for 2-3 days.

Parameters Alekot KPm-series with automated feeding
Fuel type Wood chips, shavings, peat, sunflower husk, pellets, WID…
Moisture content, % up to 35
Fuel dimensions (max), mm 10х40х125
Heat capacity, kW 0,5 1 1,5 2,0 2,5 3
Outlet water temperature, °С 110-194
Operating pressure, MPa 0,6-1,4
Efficiency, % 87
Outlet flue gas temperature, °С 160
Modulation range, % 30-100
Sound level, dB 80
Utilization time, h/year 8 000
Operating lifetime, years 20
Power supply 380 V; 50 Hz