Hot water boiler with inclined moving grate

Inclined grate with plunger fuel supply

Thanks to three-pass heat exchanger the efficiency reaches 91.5%. This line of boilers is the most advanced among hot-water solution. Alekot boilers with movable grate are designed for automatic combustion of local fuels, biomass of various fractions and wood waste. This family of boilers has the lowest emissions and meets European standards.

Parameters ALEKOT P-series with inclined grate
Fuel type Wood chips, shavings, peat, sunflower husk, pellets, WID…
Moisture content, % up to 55
Fuel dimensions (max), mm 10х40х125
Heat capacity, kW 200 300 500 600 800 1000 1250
Outlet water temperature, °С 95-115
Operating pressure, MPa 0,2-0,8
Efficiency, % 86
Outlet flue gas temperature, °С 160-190
Modulation range, % 50-100
Sound level, dB 80
Boiler weight, kg 3200 3700 5300 5800 7300 7950 9100
Operating lifetime, years 20
Power supply 380 V; 50 Hz